There’s so little and so much more to know about me.

I absolutely love to learn so much so that I literally go to lengths to learn from people, places and moments. Writing is one of those things I started from about 2 years ago out of curiosity to start something new and here I am, having a blog of my own.

Travelling is the best escape for me and while I love to enjoy the parties, I prefer the contentment of lying under the stars on a beach with the sound of the tides.

Professionally, I am a Computer Science Engineer and this blog is my little escape. I am a complete TV show buff and crave for Romantic Comedies! My favourite show is One Tree Hill.

So, that was something about me. You can find out more through the articles. It’s always good to leave some mystery behind.

Come, experience the power of exploration with me.

Oh yes, My name is Hemangini Malhotra.


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