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I have always been inquisitive about how people decide on a career path. How really do they find what they enjoy doing the most? How some people know that’s what they want to do without having a proper exposure or experience whatsoever?

In the previous article here, I wrote about how to live your dream life, and how to pursue them but how do you find out what your dream really is? What is it that would inspire to wake you up every day?

Each journey is its own.

This is my story as to how I entered into the field of writing.

It had been a long time that I felt like myself. Everything was falling into place for me, the job, relationships, social life yet something felt amiss.

I have always been an observer in people’s lives, telling them how they reacted or understanding their thought-process and getting them all inquisitive about self-awareness yet my own seemed far whatsoever. I couldn’t explain the emptiness and couldn’t put together words to feel what I felt for myself either. From being a speaker and a front foot forward person, I became a procrastinator. I lost complete confidence and didn’t understand what flow was I a part of. I was on an auto-manipulation mode for so many years that now I didn’t even recognise myself. There was a time for me when recharging meant talking to people and now, it had turned me into being in a small bubble of the “little happy world” with books and articles where I was trying to find my place in this huge world of people with aspirations and passion. Hell, I didn’t even know what having a passion for something felt like.

But then, I met my soulmate. It had everything I ever needed and only left was the guide to exploration – writing. I understood what appreciating a writer meant. One of my friends just talked about writing a blog and somehow that just made me really excited and I thought why not! It seemed trivial to me at first but unknowingly that was my first step towards living my dream life. Before I knew it, it was my motivation to get up in the morning and on my to-do before leaving for bed. It was my way to self-express and self-explore, my key to happiness. It was when I realised that I enjoy those little nuances of word games more than the code on the computer screens. I cherished the insights of the psychological nature of people; why and what people do what they do, then how a software I am using works. It was a completely new line of thought and seemed bold and scary but equally exciting in the beginning.

We underestimate the power of our surroundings yet our lives are engulfed by it every second of every day.

Our decisions, careers, fears, definitions of feelings everything is deduced from the people and places around us. So, with this process of self-realisation, I became vocal about it. That’s when my surroundings started to respond. By this, I mean I actually started writing and made it public for the people to read. My social circle showed a lot of appreciation and that backed me up on my belief that I can write and probably make it a career. I still remember a few things that were so trivial to me initially, but if it weren’t for the people close to my heart I wouldn’t have been here. My support system made me believe in myself and blocked out all the irrelevant energies to see what I always wanted to see. I still don’t know what the goal would be like yet that never stops me from exploring the journey.

I am still not at that stage where I might take writing as a career option, I am still working on those codes because I like the balanced life a little more than being vulnerable. I am still scared to make a bold decision because I want to be sure. But I fell in love with my life a little more the day I started my blog and I am also loving the double life. This also tells me that it’s okay to dream and it is also okay to realise them in small steps.

I am at the threshold of my life trying to explore my options and have no regrets because I know I have a space on the internet and I own it. Whatever I do, wherever I do it, I can always come back to this place that feels like myself. If I ever get lost, this will bring me back and I’m not scared anymore.

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”        

-Anais Nin

I guess all it takes is taking that one step that would just put you into perspective and the journey follows. But most importantly it is the need to believe that each one of us has a capability to do everything and anything that we want. All we need is a dedicated effort and a reason to be. Of course, we’ll feel miserable, maybe bored or filled with self-doubts along the journey but I heard this quote, which helps me to go on every time-

“Every song ends, but is that any reason not to enjoy the music?”

All you need to do is open your eyes and see around you. See how your interests respond to you from your surroundings. If not, then if being in that journey is making you happy what is the main reason? Is it because it makes you feel part of a crowd or it makes you proud and feels like yourself.

You’re doing this because you were pursued to do so or you think often why you never did it before.

Ask yourself questions anytime you find an interest worth considering. It might or might not give you an adrenaline rush, it might not become your career after all, but the journey will be worth it all. It makes you a lot less dependable on others and self-contentment can never be underestimated and most importantly, helps you explore your self-worth.



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  1. Brilliant writing Hemangini, this is perhaps one of your best pieces yet. It is immediately accessible and makes empathy easy, but at the same time is balanced by a mature-eye-on-the-big-picture view; great work.

    Liked by 1 person

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